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Habitat Restoration Program

Founded in 2000, CRCL’s Habitat Restoration IMG 9225Program (HRP) leads our restoration efforts by restoring Louisiana coastal habitats by engaging volunteers and stakeholders to be part of the solution, and by promoting environmental stewardship in Louisiana industries, land owners and business leaders.

The HRP volunteer program provides valuable educational experiences for its participants, who become actively familiar with a wide variety of restoration methods across the entire Louisiana coast.

The HRP also coordinates large-scale restoration projects by bringing together public and private partnerships. These projects have a wider impact on targeted areas of vulnerable wetlands.

Since its inception, the HRP has engaged more than 10,500 volunteers and directly restored more than 4,000 acres of coastal wetlands in Louisiana.

The interactive map below illustrates the many projects organized and completed by HRP in recent years. Click on a highlighted marker to see a description of the restoration projects in that area and to view photographs from the site.

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CRCL’s Community Based Restoration Program depends on the involvement of people like you, who care about the Louisiana coast and its future.

  • To sign up as a volunteer, and be notified of upcoming CBRP restoration projects, click HERE.

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  • To contact CRCL for more information about CBRP, click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • To become a member of CRCL and support Community Based Restoration on our coast, click HERE.

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