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Pelican Habitat

Louisiana's wetlands provide critical habitat and food resources for some of our nation's most productive recreational and commercial fisheries.  The abundance of our fisheries is directly attributed to the millions of acres of coastal marsh used as a nursery by young fish and shellfish.

Additionally, Louisiana's 3 million acres of coastal wetlands provide habitat for over 5 million migratory waterfowl annually and also serve as a home to many endangered or threatened species.

Wetlands serve as natural filters of sewage and other pollutants introduced through drainage basins and the larger watershed region.  As our wetlands and estuarine marshes collapse, saltwater intrusion can escalate salinity levels and disturb the delicate balance between fresh and salt water that support the bountiful fisheries of Louisiana.

The economic benefits of wildlife related harvests and watching total approximately $1.2 billion, including estimated retail sales and state taxes, and create an estimated 16,500 jobs for Louisiana citizens.