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We have created an educational and informative bike tour for anyone wanting to learn about Louisiana’s land loss crisis, as well as about Baton Rouge’s pivotal role in coastal restoration. This 40-minute tour takes riders from the LSU mounds (some of the oldest known human-made structures) to the State Capitol Building as it highlights the key leaders of coastal restoration and the challenges our coastal communities face.


Follow the mighty Mississippi River to learn about its important role in restoration and Louisiana’s wildlife.

CRCL has been a powerful force in coastal Louisiana since 1988 and has played an important role in many of the restoration decisions made throughout the coast. This tour created by the organization discusses the many entities that connect our coast and the different projects in place to help protect our crucially important wetlands.


Highlights include:

  • Native American mounds that predate the Great Pyramids in Egypt;

  • The 10,000-square-feet river model that explains the science behind coastal land loss, river management and coastal restoration projects;

  • The Water Campus, the country’s first major center dedicated to the study of coastal restoration and sustainability.

Whether it’s your first time in Baton Rouge or you’re a curious local, this bike tour offers an informative introduction into coastal restoration. Depending on your speed, information about the bike tour should play when you arrive at each location. If you are a speedy rider and arrive at a destination early, pull over and enjoy the sight of passing boats from the levee top. There are plenty of cafes, restaurants and bars at the end of the route. Pop in for a cold beverage and a dozen oysters!

To join the bike tour, download the Voicemap App on your smartphone, create a profile, select Baton Rouge, download "Coastal Land Loss Bike Tour -- Baton Rouge," plug in your headphones, and start pedaling! Half of the proceeds from this tour will go toward CRCL's efforts to sustain Louisiana's coast.

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