Community-Based Organizations Partnerships

CRCL is working with Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) to make a safer, stronger coast for Louisiana residents.


These coastal communities share a common threat -- flooding. But the solutions to address that threat are unique to each geography and culture. CRCL is fortunate to be able to learn from these organizations and the residents they serve to gain a deeper understanding of the issues, needs, and opportunities these communities face in the context of coastal restoration and flood protection. Concurrently, CRCL is sharing its knowledge about the coast and the anticipated impacts from climate change. Armed with that knowledge, CRCL and the three CBOs are better equipped to advocate for policies and projects that will result in a better, more sustainable future.

Bayou Interfaith Shared Community Organizing

Bayou Interfaith Shared Community Organizing (BISCO) works to “build a powerful, multi-faith, multi-ethnic, multi-issue organization that serves as a voice for the people of Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes in southeastern Louisiana. BISCO is a nonprofit formed in 1994 after Hurricane Andrew exposed longstanding issues of racial inequity and poverty in southeastern coastal Louisiana. The rationale of the organization is to bring together local residents via access through faith institutions of multiple denominations in order to develop a network of relationships, capacity-building programs and trainings focused on addressing issues of communities from a grass-roots level.”  

Mary Queen of Vietnam Community Development Corporation

Mary Queen of Vietnam Community Development Corporation (MQVN, CDC) is a “nonprofit organization created in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in order to address the issues of the Vietnamese-New Orleanian community in New Orleans East. MQVN, CDC works to improve the quality of life for their community members. The organization serves the communities of Village de l’Est in Eastern New Orleans and together with community partners, their work encompasses health care, environmental and agricultural concerns, education, housing, social services, economic development and culture and the arts. MQVN, CDC works towards making our community a thriving cultural community for generations to come.”

Zion Travelers Cooperative Center

Zion Travelers Cooperative Center (ZTCC) is a “nonprofit faith-based and community development corporation organized immediately after Hurricanes Katrina/Rita to serve the predominately African-American southeast east bank of Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. Our organization serves the communities of lower east Plaquemines parish, including Phoenix, Davant, Pointe-a-la-Hache, Braithwaite and surrounding communities. ZTCC’s vision for the future of this area is a strong, resilient community that prides itself on being connected and standing for what we believe is right and just. One that provides services that are centered around educating, community organizing and leadership.  And with healthy, restored wetlands providing resources and protection for our community and surrounding communities.”

This effort is made possible by Foundation for Louisiana -

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