CC Primary RGB 300dpiIn a first for this iconic Louisiana company, Community Coffee Company partnered with CRCL to develop a point-of-sale promotion aimed at increasing awareness of our coastal land loss crisis and introducing its limited edition Crescent City Blend® to coffee lovers throughout South Louisiana. Community donated 10 percent of proceeds from Crescent City Blend® purchases.”

“Community Coffee has been a tremendous CRCL partner for a long time,” said Kimberly Davis Reyher, CRCL Executive Director. “Their commitment to our coast and to Louisiana as a whole is inspiring. This is more than a monetary donation for us. The promotion also raised awareness of CRCL and our coastal land loss crisis.”

At a recent meeting of the CRCL Board, Community Coffee Vice President of Marketing, Scott Eckert presented a check for $4,596.17 to CRCL in order to further fund coastal restoration in Louisiana.

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