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CRCL debuted Restoration on the Half Shell: Presentations in Non-Technical Language at this year’s State of the Coast Conference in order to provide an overview of coastal restoration in Louisiana tailored to individuals who are interested in learning more about how our state plans on dealing with the land loss crisis we face. It was a resounding success, so much so, that we have decided to take this “mini-conference” on the road.

Beginning in February, CRCL will host four unique events throughout Coastal Louisiana that will provide a high level overview of Louisiana’s coastal land loss crisis and the various local, state, and federal efforts to address the impacts. Together, we will take a closer look at restoration and flood protection projects specific to the area where each event is being held. Each one of these unique events will be entertaining and informative with a little bit of a twist. Not only will you learn about coast restoration from the experts, you will also get the chance to actually go see where local restoration projects are occurring. Space is limited, so register now for these free, fun, exciting, and informative events.

In this way, CRCL will bring together people who are eager to learn about our coast and how we can all have a hand in making a difference for future generations.

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Vermilion Parish Library

70510 Abbeville
405 E. St. Victor Street

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