Freeman Challenge

Thank you for helping CRCL reach our goal for the Freeman Challenge! 

The Richard West Freeman Endowment Challenge is designed to

  • help CRCL build upon our board-restricted cash reserves

  • and educate the nonprofit sector and their donor community about the importance of building financial independence to ensure long-term financial stability.  

CRCL is committed to meeting the Freeman Challenge as a responsible step toward stronger fiscal health. To succeed, we need your help!

CRCL must raise $30,000 in board restricted funds from private donors like you. Once we reach that goal, The Greater New Orleans Foundation will match your dollars with $15,000 and our reserve fund will, therefore, be augmented by a total $45,000 -  a meaningful investment toward ensuring CRCL’s ongoing financial stability and that CRCL can continue the critical work of restoring Louisiana’s precious coast. 

The rewards of a reserve or “rainy day” fund are many: it can help with the ups-and-downs of funding; it can cover unexpected dips in revenue; and, it can provide working capital for an unplanned opportunity. It is the safety cushion non-profit organizations know they need, yet far too few have in place. In meeting the strategically designed Freeman Challenge, CRCL will be best prepared to respond to the uncertainties of the future. 

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