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Reel Data. Real Science.

Our newly developed Fish for Data app is here! Now you can create a great record of all your fishing trips and help us collect important scientific data at the same time!


Anyone who regularly spends time on our coast understands that our wetlands are washing away. We are already experiencing changes in our coastal fishing practices. We expect these will continue and possibly get worse in the future.


We need to understand these changes because new conditions will determine the productivity of our Sportsman's Paradise. That includes understanding the interaction of salinity, temperature, and other changing factors. All of these environmental components are measured by the Fish for Data app, helping us to see where various species are being caught and how this is changing over time.


We all know the coast it is transforming. It takes more effort to catch fish and we want to understand why this is and how it is changing month-to-month and year-to-year. This is where you come in. If you are passionate about the coast and love to fish, we need you to be an environmental steward by helping us collect this data. It doesn’t matter if you fish twice a year or every week, by using Fish for Data you will be making a difference.


The Fish for Data app will make you a fisherman scientist. You will also be able to create a private record of your fishing trips, which will help you understand how environmental conditions impact your catch.


Download the app today. Search CRCL-Fish for Data on Google Play or the Apple App Store.


Cast. Capture. Collect.



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