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CRCL Announces 2018 Legislative Platform and Policy Objectives

This platform represents the views of thousands of motivated members of our organization who represent diverse backgrounds and points of view. Our members are parents, fishermen, teachers, and many other people who live and thrive in the precious and fragile coastal ecosystem we call home.

With the passage during the last session of the 2017 Coastal Master Plan, the State is in a strong position to significantly advance coastal restoration this year. Read More

“The 300” Launches For LA High School Students

We kicked off our exciting new educational initiative called “The 300” Tuesday, March 6, 2018, at the Center for Coastal and Deltaic Solutions in Baton Rouge. The program is dubbed the “The 300” partly as a nod to 300th Anniversary of New Orleans, which is becoming more and more a coastal city and to signify that we are working to inspire Louisiana’s next generation of coastal warriors.


The program will give students unprecedented access to the active coastal restoration sites, and to the coastal practitioners working to protect and restore our coast. As part of “The 300,” students and teachers will have the opportunity to meet with scientists, engineers, policymakers, and coastal experts.  Read More

Spring – The Perfect Time To Volunteer

The weather has begun to warm, and it’s a perfect time to join us for one of our marsh plantings. We have dates throughout the spring and early summer.

A majority of coastal restoration focuses on southeast Louisiana, but we, as Louisiana’s oldest statewide coastal restoration nonprofit, aim to restore the entirety of our coast from Texas to Mississippi. As a result of that goal, we have implemented a variety of restoration projects, including our Freshwater Bayou Marsh Restoration project.   Read More

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