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CRCL’s AmeriCorps Members Soaring to New Heights

Have you ever wondered what our freshly planted saplings look like from the air?   Want to learn how you can help support our coast by casting your fishing line?

We have just the people.

Two of CRCL’s newest additions have joined us as AmeriCorps members via Serve Louisiana, Wesley Bollinger and Kathryn Loomis.

As our Outreach Assistant, Kat delves deep into our coastal communities. She works to engage with residents along the coast and build support for the projects vital to projecting coastal Louisiana and actively recruits anglers to become fisher scientists via our new app - Fish for Data.

“Louisiana is my home, and I could not keep standing idle while it washed away,” said Kat, a Lafayette native. “I love our coast and our state and working with people directly impacted by our coastal crisis has been an incredible experience.”

Wes, our Aerial Monitoring Development Assistant, watches our plantings and oysters from the skies with our state-of-the-art drone. This bird’s eye view helps the crew monitor the progress of our plants and restoration efforts.

The Tulane Alum has worked on paleontological digs, invasive species assessments, Scottish field geology, and most recently, a phylogenetic revision of several south Kenyan river minnow species.

We are excited to have Kat and Wes onboard and look forward to the incredible work they’ll do.

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