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“The 300” – An Exciting Educational Opportunity for the Spring!

There’s still time to sign up for schools that want to usher in 2018 with an exciting and unique experiential learning program that promises to bring participating students and teachers to the front lines of the battle to save coastal Louisiana.

Dubbed “The 300”, the one-of-a-kind program is offered by CRCL and consists of a series of four, hands-on field trips that will give participants unprecedented access to the active sites, and to the coastal practitioners working to protect and restore our coast. As part of “The 300” programming, students and teachers will have the opportunity to meet with scientists, engineers, policy makers, and coastal experts.

“The 300” will kick-off in late February and is open to any school in Louisiana. However, recruitment efforts are focused mainly across coastal and south Louisiana. The program was conceived to coincide the 300th anniversary of New Orleans and will culminate there in May with participants attending the biennial State of the Coast conference – one of the nation’s largest coastal conclaves.

“The 300” is specifically designed for high school students, ideally juniors and seniors, but special arrangements can be considered. As envisioned, a school that wants to engage in “The 300” will select a teacher and five students to participate (though this too is open to adjustment). CRCL’s hope is that by showing these students first-hand the exciting career opportunities available in the coastal sciences, some participating students will decide they want to pursue coastal sciences in their post-secondary education, or go to work in the fast-growing water sector.

A secondary benefit of the program is that participating teachers will have deeper context to share with their students in the classroom. Ultimately, the goal of “The 300” is to develop the next generation of coastal warriors to defend, protect and restore our unique ecosystem.

Schools have until January 15 to sign up for the program but are urged to express their interest as soon as possible. If you know of a school that may be interested in participating, or a business that may be interested in supporting the effort, please have them contact project coordinators T. Bradley Keith at See for additional information about the program.

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