CRCL’s Oyster Shell Recycling Program to be Featured on The Discovery Channel

Louisiana native John Jackson has produced outdoor and sports related video for more than 26 years culminating six years ago with his own show, Out Da' Bayou.

"I believed there were stories from out the bayou that rounded out what life is like out here in Louisiana," Jackson said. "What our lifestyle is like, here in Louisiana. Educating people has always been one of the things that I loved about the outdoors, because I learn something every time I do a show."

Now his show is taking a huge leap forward. Starting on January 6, 2018, at 7:30am, Out Da' Bayou will debut on The Discovery Channel. It’s John’s story telling highlighting coastal Louisiana, the bayou and unique aspects of Louisiana's culture that sets Out Da’ Bayou apart.

One of the first episodes features CRCL! The episode will focus on our Oyster Shell Recycling Program. It follows the path of Louisiana oysters from the from the water, to the table, to being returned to the water as a living shoreline protecting our coast from erosion, sea level rise and wave action.

Out Da' Bayou is a produced with a relatively small crew. When he spoke to us, John joked it would be the shortest credits in the history of The Discovery Channel.

"Our blood, sweat and tears are in everything," he said. “From the time we pick the cameras up and put them in the vehicles to travel somewhere all the way back until the final color of the show is done by a couple of people."

The show wouldn't be possible without the support of Community Coffee. John explained that Community Coffee had used mostly traditional marketing and advertising before signing on with Out Da’ Bayou, but once they saw his ability to tell the unique and positive story of Louisiana they jumped at the chance to be a part of the show. Community Coffee has been a great supporter of CRCL, as well, and it was our partnership that helped make our connection to Out Da’ Bayou even stronger.

So, watch Out Da’ Bayou every Saturday morning at 7:30 on The Discovery Channel beginning January 6. And be on the lookout for CRCL and our Oyster Shell Recycling Program to make its national TV debut.

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