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We Need You and Your Fishing Efforts!

t’s finally here—CRCL's Fish for Data smartphone app. Fish for Data makes you a fisherman scientistby helping us gathers baseline data for fisheries along coastal Louisiana. 

We often hear from anglers about how the amount of fish caught, and the locationsof their catches are changing. This app allows us to identify and quantify those variations to get a better understanding ofhow our fisheries are changing as our coast is shifting.

It’s as simple as Cast, Capture, Collect! Go on your usual fishing trips; catch fish and take note of the species, size, amount, and effort required; then, upload the pictures and enter the details of your catch into the Fish for Data app. 

Whether you go fishing once a week or once a year, your contribution will help provide our team of scientists with a specific set of fisheries data that other efforts such as surveys and fish taggingare not capturing. This dataset  will help us understand the fishing effort directly related to the environmental conditions where anglers are catching fish in coastal Louisiana. The app allows each user to createa private, personal record of weather and other oceanographic and atmospheric conditions (tide, salinity, wind, pressure, moon phase, etc.) associated with that catch.

Search “CRCL - Fish for Data” to download now on the Apple App Store or Google Play. You can find frequently asked questions and more information on Fish for Data here

We need you! Your fishing efforts will help us collect this data, so get the App and get fishing!

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