GNOF Supports CRCL through New Grant Award

We are pleased to announce that the Greater New Orleans Foundation (GNOF) has awarded CRCL a $25,000 grant to help us further our mission of driving bold science-based action to rebuild our coast through outreach, restoration and advocacy.

According to CRCL Executive Director, Kimberly Reyher, the grant will be used to enhance CRCL’s ability to communicate the importance of coastal protection and restoration with an emphasis on the fact that New Orleans is very much a coastal city.

“This gives us a great opportunity, especially here in New Orleans, to engage the community in a much broader way,” said CRCL Executive Director, Kimberly Reyher. “New Orleans is getting closer and closer to the Gulf every day. GNOF understands the importance of CRCL’s mission to the Greater New Orleans area and we thank them for helping us make a difference in the Crescent City.”

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