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Plantings Goals = CRUSHed

Since CRCL’s Habitat Restoration Program began in 2000, we have planted millions of native plants and engaged over fourteen thousand volunteers.

This year, we wanted to achieve even more by reaching out to the communities most heavily impacted by our coastal crisis. We developed and launched our newest initiative, Communities Restoring Urban Swamp Habitat or C.R.U.S.H.

From educational bike rides to plantings trees in the marsh, the first year of the CRUSH project was an overwhelming success.

“We can’t restore and protect coastal Louisiana without the support of our communities,” said CRCL Executive Director Kim Reyher. “Our C.R.U.S.H. events were designed to focus effort on urban wetlands and cool learning opportunities around them.”

Our community events focused on areas near our planting site in the Central Wetlands Unit, east of New Orleans. The project began with a community engagement meeting in November that highlighted local water management and green infrastructure projects and showcased how residents can easily get involved in coastal restoration.

Next, we held a bike tour through the Lower 9th Ward that highlights some of the sites we visited during our Community engagement meeting. During our tour, participants were able to see the Bayou Bienvenue Wetland Triangle, recognized the site of the Hurricane Katrina Levee Breach, visited a local tree Nursery, and explored the Sankofa Nature Trail and Wetland Park.

These are important areas to highlight given their relevancy to our urban coastal habitat. We wanted to provide residents a pathway for further involvement in their local neighborhoods and show locals they can be involved without leaving their neighborhood.

For those inspired to turn their activism into professionalism, we concluded the series with a career and advocacy workshop. A panel of professionals discussed their careers within the coastal restoration field and discussed participants to learn impactful methods for reaching out to their representatives.


To register or find more information about the program, volunteer opportunities, and the fun community events, visit our HRP page.

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