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The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana is the largest and oldest coastal advocacy organization in Louisiana.  Each year, CRCL, on behalf of its 20,000 members and supporters, sends a set of critical policy objectives to our state legislators. In response to the opening of the 2019 legislative session, CRCL Policy Director Emily Vuxton has released the following statement:


“This platform represents the views of thousands of motivated members of our organization who represent diverse backgrounds and points of view. Our members are parents, fishermen, teachers, and many other people who live and thrive in the precious and fragile coastal ecosystem we call home,” Vuxton said. “We urge each of our state legislators to consider the following priorities that are crucial to effectively address the unprecedented challenges facing Louisiana. Only deliberate and far-sighted legislative action will give coastal Louisiana a chance to meet this land loss crisis. There’s no time to lose.”  Read full platform.

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