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Tell Your Legislators: Vote Yes on the Coastal Master Plan

After months of public comment and input, the 2017 Coastal Master Plan was recently approved by the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority Board – but our work is not done. Before it can be implemented and critical projects advanced to restore our coast, the plan must first be passed by the Louisiana Legislature.

The master plan aims to create a sustainable future for south Louisiana through a mix of coastal restoration, coastal protection and risk reduction projects. Statewide, an overwhelming 88 percent of Louisianans want their legislator to vote for the plan.

2017 Legislative Platform and Policy Objectives

In the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the state of Louisiana took the bold intentional step to form the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA). The agency was charged with developing and implementing an integrated, science-based coastal restoration plan, and updating that plan every five years to incorporate new available technologies and strategies.  Read More

CRCL Takes its Monitoring Program Across the Coast

Over 13,000 volunteers have planted more than 3 million native plants and trees across the coast of Louisiana as part of CRCL’s Habitat Restoration Program. This is quite an accomplishment. Most of those plants and trees have thrived, multiplied and stabilized thousands of acres of wetlands, beaches and coastal forests providing vital storm protection for coastal and inland communities and great habitat for birds, fish and wildlife.  Read More

New Series Focuses Attention on Local Restoration 

A major tenet of CRCL’s mission is outreach to communities most affected by coastal land loss. We try to accomplish this through many different avenues, but this year we tried something a bit different called our Coastal Restoration Road Show. This was a series of events held in four communities across Coastal Louisiana who are feeling the effects of our disappearing coast in different ways.  Read More

CRCL Announces New Partnership with NOLA Couture

Born out of the need to lift people’s spirits after of Hurricane Katrina, NOLA Couture has created an accessory line for the whole family—even Fido—featuring a distinctive New Orleans motif. From ties, belts and hats for mom, dad and the kids to stylish leashes and collars for your furry friend, NOLA Couture has something for everyone who loves the Big Easy.  Read More

Community Coffee’s New Amber Sunrise™ Supports CRCL

Community Coffee Company has been a Louisiana institution for 97 years. This family-owned and operated company understands that our culture and way of life revolve around the coast and our coastal wetlands.

“With this understanding comes the feeling of responsibility to do something about our land loss crisis,” said Community Coffee’s Vice President of Marketing, Scott Eckert. “CRCL is doing tremendous work across our coast and Community Coffee supports that wholeheartedly. That’s the reason we decided to roll out this multi-state spring promotion with our new Amber Sunrise™ Blend.” Read More

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