Fall is Planting Season

As the Louisiana summer heat fades into fall, CRCL’s Habitat Restoration team is preparing for the start of its 19th planting season.

The program helps restore and enhance crucial areas of our coast while educating volunteers from all around the Pelican State.

Since HRP was founded, in 2000, we’ve planted more than 3.3 million native plants throughout Louisiana’s coast and engaged over 14,000 volunteers.

“Volunteers come out and not only learn about our coast, but they also get the chance to be a part of the solution,” said Habitat Restoration Coordinator Kacie Wright. “Some people think ‘how can I make a difference?’ and by being a CRCL volunteer, you make real, tangible impacts that protect our coast.”

Our newest endeavor is the C.R.U.S.H project: Communities Restoring Urban Swamp Habitat which is made possible through a $285,000 EPA grant received earlier this year. The project aims to plant 5,000 native trees around the New Orleans area during the next two years. At the end of the two-year cycle, our volunteers will have added 35,000 trees to Southeast Louisiana’s coastal forest since 2010.

The C.R.U.S.H. Project will allow us to plant trees near the Maurepas Land Bridge and the Central Wetlands Unit of Bayou Sauvage. These new trees will help reduce impacts from storm surge and flooding while creating habitat for fish and wildlife.

With the help of our partner, the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, we monitor our tree planting sites to determine the survival of each native species we plant. Overall, our trees have an average survival rate of 80 percent. This rate is fantastic given all the various factors and means our trees are thriving.

Our planting events are hands-on and showcase the beauty of coastal Louisiana. Depending on the planting site, volunteers will take a short walk, a quick hike, or an airboat ride. Opportunities are available now! Head to CRCL.org for more dates and information or to register.

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