Spring – The Perfect Time To Volunteer

The weather has begun to warm, and it’s a perfect time to join us for one of our marsh plantings. We have dates throughout the spring and early summer.


A majority of coastal restoration focuses on southeast Louisiana, but we, as Louisiana’s oldest statewide coastal restoration nonprofit, aim to restore the entirety of our coast from Texas to Mississippi. As a result of that goal, we have implemented a variety of restoration projects, including our Freshwater Bayou Marsh Restoration project.

This project will help to maintain marsh soils to prevent future erosion by creating a dense root system in these areas which, will anchor the ground and build land. In addition to stabilizing coastal soils and reducing coastal land loss, planting marsh provides fish and wildlife habitat.


Since its inception, CRCL’s Habitat Restoration Program has been the embodiment of our mission to drive bold, science-based action to rebuild Louisiana’s coast through outreach, restoration, and advocacy. More than 14,000, CRCL volunteers have planted more than 3 million native plants and trees throughout coastal Louisiana, through the program.


In 2017, our volunteers planted nearly 54,000 plugs of native marsh grass as part of our Habitat Restoration Program, and we want that number to continue to grow. For that to happen, we need your help.


Thanks to our partners - the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, National Fish and Wildlife Federation, the COYPU Foundation, and the Rainey Conservation Alliance - who make this project possible.

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