Coastal Day Opportunity to Highlight Progress, Need for Urgency


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Coastal Day Opportunity to Highlight Progress, Need for Urgency

CRCL Urges Swift Passage of State Coastal Master Plan

(Baton Rouge – May 2, 2017)  ) With the celebration of Coastal Day at the Legislature, Kimberly Davis Reyher, Executive Director of the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, released the following statement reflecting on the important work and responsibility facing our Legislators in the current legislative session.


“Coastal Day at the Capitol is a wonderful occasion for CRCL and the citizens of Louisiana to celebrate all that makes coastal Louisiana so unique. It is also an important opportunity to highlight the devastating effects that our land loss crisis has had on the people, economy and way of life of Louisiana. Our Legislators will soon be faced with what should be one of the easiest decisions of this session—to approve the 2017 Coastal Master Plan.


“The 2017 Master Plan is the third iteration of the plan. It is based on the best available science and serves as a blueprint for the work that is needed to restore our coast and reduce the risk of flooding in our coastal communities. With its approval, the plan will be used to build land, protect navigation and infrastructure and ensure that our coastal communities are better protected from hurricanes and storm surge.


“CRCL delivered its Legislative Platform and Priorities to each member of the Legislature on April 10th, the first day of the 2017 Legislative session. In that document, CRCL asked the Legislature to focus on five important outcomes:

  1. Pass the Annual Plan and 5-year 2017 Coastal Master Plan

  2. Formal Call for Urgency

  3. Protect the Coastal Funding

  4. Transparency in Reporting and Operations

  5. Ensure Reasonable and Responsible Capacity


“We are confident that our elected officials understand that coastal Louisiana will continue to suffer dramatic land loss without urgent action. We often think of our disappearing coast as a slow-motion catastrophe, but we no longer have the luxury of a slow-motion response.


“We applaud all of our Legislators for their hard work and dedication to the people of Louisiana. We urge them to act swiftly and deliberately to pass the 2017 Coastal Master Plan so that we can get to work saving the coast that we need and love so much.”


About CRCL:

CRCL is a non-partisan, non-profit organization driving bold, science-based action to restore Coastal Louisiana through outreach, restoration, and advocacy.  CRCL was founded in 1988 and is the state’s oldest and most comprehensive coastal restoration organization. Visit

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