The factors contributing to wetland loss, the strategies to address that loss, and consequent impacts can be very technical and densely scientific. This often results in a sense of disconnect for the average coastal resident and can lead to misunderstanding, oversimplification, and an overall general obstacle to effective engagement. CRCL addresses this by developing infographics and videos that help to communicate important concepts in a less technical, easily digestible format.

 Louisiana’s estuaries are a diversity of habitats (swamps, marshes, barrier islands) formed by a mixture of fresh water from rivers and the salty Gulf and are home to an abundance of plants and wildlife.

The Multiple Lines of Defense Strategy (MLODS) identifies a system to reduce flooding for coastal communities through natural landscape features found in a healthy estuary and engineered structural features such as levees and floodgates.

Coastal restoration plays a significant role to reconstruct key landscape features that reduce the threat of flooding from storm-driven waves; this fold-out explains that relationship

The causes of wetland loss and the projects planned to address it are explained through a combination of maps, informative graphics, and video of restoration sites.

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