1. Who is CRCL?

    • CRCL, the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, is Louisiana’s oldest, statewide non-profit organization dedicated to coastal restoration. CRCL was established in 1988 by a small group of visionaries who could see the importance of the land loss issue before it was well recognized. CRCL brings together a diverse and non-partisan set of interests through its Board of Directors and partnerships. CRCL is viewed as a reasonable, credible and informed voice on issues of coastal restoration.

  2. Why did you create Fish for Data?

    • We need your help to learn more about the fish species being caught along our coast and in our marshes so that we can better track how they are being affected by land loss, restoration activities and sea level rise.

  3. What is the difference between "trawl," "capture," and "upload?"

    • A "trawl" is used to capture environmental information at the start and stop of a trawling trip as well as to plot the path of the fishing vessel on a map. When the trawl is completed, you can enter information about the vessel type, species caught, and more.

    • A "capture" is a single picture you take to document a catch. When you take a

    • picture with Fish for Data, the date, time, and location are captured so that we can provide you with all the important environmental information for the time of your catch. You can also enter information about the amount and length of the species you caught as well as the length of time you spent at the catch location.

    • An "upload" is a way to add a previously taken photo to your account. Sometimes you don't have a data connection when you are out on the water; or you forget to use the Fish for Data app to capture your picture. No problem! You can upload a photo any time and the app will recognize the date, time, and location where the photo was taken and provide you with all the same environmental data you expect.

  4. Why do I not have location data on my pictures?

    • You did not have location services turned on when you took the picture.

  5. How do I turn on Apple iOS Location services?

    • Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services

    • Make sure they are on for Camera also

  6. How do I turn on my Androids location services?

    • Camera App-> Settings Gear -> Location Tags

  7. Can anyone see my fishing spots or anything that has to do with my account?

    • No! We do not share any of your personal information. Your account is private and protected by bank level encryption. CRCL will receive anonymous time, location, and environmental data in order to support their mission of preserving and restoring the coasts. CRCL's Fish for Data is a private tool for you to get better at your craft and to contribute to protecting the environment. It is not a social platform for for sharing.

  8. Do I need a cell signal for Fish for Data to work?

    • You only need a cell signal to gather information for your captures and trawls, not for capturing them. Every smartphone we are compatible with captures EXIF data on photos, which includes your GPS location. We couple the EXIF data with the time you took the picture and use that to gather the environmental data.

  9. Why does my data change after I refresh an echo or trawl?

    • We checked again and the environmental data changed! If the data changes, the change will always make the echo or trawl more accurate. Most forecasting services are using pictures that show data interpretations. We show the actual measurement, which usually takes a little while to finalize. We don’t predict. We deliver actual information that cannot get more accurate.

  10. Does Fish for Data work everywhere?

    • Yes. Fish for Data is global; but there are some areas that will have different environmental data than others. It just depends on what’s available. If we can get it, we are after it.

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