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Across our coast our communities are protected from flooding and storm surge in multiple ways. Taken together these different natural and manmade structures make up the Multiple Lines of Defense (MLOD). This concept was developed by John Lopez, PhD, of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, with the goal of saving our coast and protecting our people from disaster. These two goals work hand in hand—without a healthy coast, effective flood protection would be very hard to achieve. Conversely, just having a healthy coast will not provide full flood protection to all communities. For MLOD to be successful each component--each “line of defense” --must work together as a system to provide maximum function.

CRCL recognizes the vital importance of this strategy. We worked with partners to create a graphical representation of the MLOD strategy. Take a look at our newest graphic illustrating how the lines of defense should be working to help protect our communities:

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