Louisiana shrimp fishers face challenges with low dockside price of shrimp and future environmental uncertainty (storms, climate change, habitat loss, restoration efforts, oil spills, etc.) that may alter conditions effecting shrimp productivity. To understand how the price of shrimp is manipulated through the value chain and investigate potential avenues to offset these challenges, the National Wildlife Federation funded CRCL to contract an independent analysis.

Dockside price of shrimp will most likely continue to face downward pressure from imports as approximately 76% of dockside price is explained by the relationship to import price which is low as a result of growing global production. Direct sale to retailers, better marketing, improved handling, and cooperative processing are all avenues that may improve profitability and future economic resilience. Now is the time for all parties involved to come together and plan for the progression of the industry in light of all these challenges and opportunities.

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