Planning for Fisheries in a Restored Ecosystem

The strategy for environmental restoration that ensures the most land for the longest period of time relies on diverting the Mississippi River to deliver sediment that sustains marsh in the face of rising water, subsidence from compaction, and other forces that work to degrade our wetlands. The continued loss of wetlands translates to loss of coastline that shrimp, crabs, fish and other species rely on for protective habitat as they grow and mature. There is much likelihood that availability of imports (specifically for shrimp) will continue to pressure low prices for Louisiana product. These are just some of the factors that need to be considered as we plan for the future of a working coast and viable fisheries. CRCL is building off of the knowledge gained from Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) of Louisiana’s shrimpers and the economic evaluation of the industry to work with shrimpers to plan for a future given the complexity of potential scenarios.

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