CRCL advocates for policies at the local, state, and federal level to protect and restore coastal Louisiana.

  • Louisiana is losing coastal wetlands at an alarming rate. To combat significant coastal land loss, the state of Louisiana creates a Coastal Master Plan for restoration and flood protection every six years. The Coastal Master Plan is a guiding document for the State that dictates future restoration plans. The Coastal Master Plan process is based on science to ensure that the projects that will do the most good are the ones prioritized for investment.  This approach is critical to success. CRCL supports this process and highlights a selection of Coastal Master Plan projects as critical projects for Louisiana.



  • CRCL develops policy papers that serve as a guide to focus future advocacy goals and educate stakeholders and the general public.



  • CRCL tracks policy at the state and national level and advocates for laws that benefit coastal Louisiana and its residents.


  • CRCL works with community partners to advocate for funding for documenting storm risk and possibilities for expanding hurricane protection for coastal communities.


  • CRCL hosts coastal issues forums with candidates, asking them for their viewpoints on coastal restoration.


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