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We continue to lose land at an alarming rate. Still, this is an inspired time in Louisiana’s fight against coastal loss. As a State, and as a community, we are united by the urgency of the ecological crisis we face, and we’re making some progress. Read More
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Thousands of People Contribute to Building Louisiana’s Newest Oyster Reef

It took thousands of people eating mounds of oysters for CRCL’s Oyster Shell Recycling Program to have enough recycled oyster shell to construct its first oyster reef. Recently, CRCL, in partnership with The Nature Conservancy, completed its first half-mile of oyster reef using 1.7 million pounds of oyster shell collected from New Orleans restaurants. Read More

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Candidates for US Senate Lay Out Diverse Plans for the Coast at CRCL’s Coastal Issues Forum

In a first-of-its-kind forum, five top candidates for Louisiana’s open senate seat gathered at LSU to lay out their plans for making the restoration and protection of Coastal Louisiana a national priority. CRCL’s Coastal Issues Forum highlighted the fact that Louisiana is facing a land loss crisis that will require bold, science-based action by our next senator. Read More

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Become a Member in December

This Holiday Season is the perfect time to remember the importance of our coastal forests, swamps, marshes and beaches. These natural wonders provide amazing recreational opportunities, spectacular seafood, wildlife habitat, protection from storms and economic vitality though energy production and industrial development. We could lose all of this without real progress to restore our coast. Read More

Governor Edwards and State Legislators Learn Firsthand of Coast Land Loss with Flyover Tour of Coastal Louisiana

In late October, Governor John Bel Edwards and a legislative delegation got a bird’s eye view of Louisiana’s coast through the window of a seaplane in a flyover trip arranged and facilitated by CRCL, Restore the Mississippi River Delta and Greater New Orleans, Inc. Read More


CRCL Set to Kickoff New Series--Coastal Restoration Road Show —Throughout Coastal Louisiana

CRCL debuted Restoration on the Half Shell: Presentations in Non-Technical Language at this year’s State of the Coast Conference in order to provide an overview of coastal restoration in Louisiana tailored to individuals who are interested in learning more about how our state plans on dealing with the land loss crisis we face. It was a resounding success, so much so, that we have decided to take this “mini-conference” on the road. Read More
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CRCL Highlights Critical Projects in the Fight Against Land Loss

To combat Louisiana’s significant land loss, the state of Louisiana created a Coastal Master Plan for restoration and flood protection. Our Master Plan includes various restoration projects across the Louisiana coast-- sediment diversions, hydrologic restoration, barrier island restoration, marsh creation, ridge restoration, bank stabilization, shoreline protection, and oyster reef creation projects. Read More


Multiple Lines of Defense

Across our coast our communities are protected from flooding and storm surge in multiple ways. Taken together these different natural and manmade structures make up the Multiple Lines of Defense (MLOD). This concept was developed by John Lopez, PhD, of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, with the goal of saving our coast and protecting our people from disaster. These two goals work hand in hand—without a healthy coast, effective flood protection would be very hard to achieve. Conversely, just having a healthy coast will not provide full flood protection to all communities. For MLOD to be successful each component--each “line of defense” --must work together as a system to provide maximum function. Read More

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What is an Estuary?

An estuary is an aquatic ecosystem that occurs as a result of freshwater mixing with saltwater; commonly where streams, rivers, and lakes connect to open seas through bayous and bays. Estuaries constitute a large portion of the coastal zone, and are responsible for the wealth of natural resources that make Louisiana a sportsman’s paradise and much more. To help us all understand and appreciate the importance of estuaries CRCL has produced a graphic depicting a healthy estuary. We developed this image, in partnership with several of our Restore the Mississippi Delta partners and the LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio to highlight the connections between salinity ranges in a healthy estuary and diversity of wildlife that depend on the estuary for all or part of their lifecycle. Our estuary is available for download and we encourage everyone to use it and share it.  Read More
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CRCL’s Habitat Restoration Program Continues to GROW….

CRCL’s Habitat Restoration program has had a very busy year and we are looking forward to 2017. In February, we restored the cypress forests of Jean Lafitte National Park by planting over 600 cypress saplings along the Bayou Segnette Waterway. Read More

CRCL Welcomes Two AmeriCorps Members for their Year of Service

americorps logoNothing demonstrates one's commitment to a cause more than volunteering and working hard for it! CRCL wants to recognize two inspiring people who dedicated a year of service as AmeriCorps members through the Louisiana Delta Service Corps: Avery Young and Zoe Swartz. Avery and Zoe could have chosen to pursue work elsewhere for much better pay (AmeriCorps members are required to live on a small stipend), but instead they dedicate themselves each day to strengthening our communities and environment through coastal restoration. Read More

Community Coffee Partners with CRCL in Unique Point-of-Sale Promotion

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In a first for this iconic Louisiana company, Community Coffee Company partnered with CRCL to develop a point-of-sale promotion aimed at increasing awareness of our coastal land loss crisis and introducing its limited edition Crescent City Blend® to coffee lovers throughout South Louisiana. Community donated 10 percent of proceeds from Crescent City Blend® purchases. Read More



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