Big Branch marsh after a CRCL lead planting.
In conjunction with CRCL’s Habitat Restoration Program, the Science Program is establishing monitoring plots for all of CRCL’s marsh, swamp, and dune plantings. CRCL leads roughly 10 plantings throughout the year along the coast of Louisiana in a variety of habitats, from Cameron beach dune plantings to Caernarvon swamp tree plantings. By monitoring the survival rate of the plants together with environmental variables such as elevation, water level, salinity, and soil strength, we will increase the success of our plantings. Because of the extensive number of plantings we conduct in a variety of habitats, the results of this large dataset can be used to inform planting restoration strategies by other organizations in coastal environments.

In addition to our plantings, CRCL will also monitor the newly established oyster reef that has been placed in St. Bernard parish this fall. We will collect data on shoreline erosion rates, wave energy, turbidity, and species’ habitat utilization to quantify the benefits of building living shorelines along the Louisiana coast.

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