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The application is on-going on a first-come, first-serve basis until we reach full capacity for the program. Apply here! We are having a delayed start due to delayed returns to campuses. Virtual meetings will occur monthly on alternating Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 5pm starting in February.

CRCL’s Student Ambassador program engages students from colleges and universities across Louisiana’s coast. Through the program, CRCL provides resources and support for our Student Ambassadors to learn about the issues facing our coast, proposed solutions, and potential career paths in restoration.

We offer the program on a typical school semester basis, running from mid-August to December in fall and mid-January to May in the spring. We require 30 hours of participation in the program as measured by a mix of self-guided and instructional activities with support from CRCL leadership.

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Our program provides opportunities for students to learn about the issues facing our coast and allows 
Student Ambassadors to gain an in-depth understanding of Louisiana's coastal challenges and how CRCL and many other organizations work to advance solutions. Students meet peers from other institutions with similar interests through recurring program meetings and are encouraged to work collaboratively or individually on projects that broaden their understanding of the issues or offer a direct impact. 

Students are encouraged to become engaged members of their communities by volunteering, spreading awareness, and advocating solutions to our coastal challenges. For example, ambassadors can participate in CRCL’s Habitat Restoration events at which they can experience hands-on, boots-in-the-mud coastal restoration work. Additionally, students may host their own events, start clubs, raise funds for an aligned cause, or offer other creative ideas to support their community or campus.  

CRCL’s Student Ambassador Liaison will routinely communicate opportunities for personal and professional development. These include educational webinars, forums to advance social justice issues, leadership skills-building workshops, advocacy trainings, and networking opportunities with different state and national environmental organizations working on coastal restoration, advocacy, and outreach. 

By participating, students can gain an in depth understanding of the restoration efforts happening across Louisiana’s coast and further explore their interest in a career that aligns with their passion. Join the world of restoration and build your professional skills. Students of all majors are welcomed and encouraged to apply!  


Ambassadors are accepted on a first-come basis as complete applications are submitted with enrollment per university capped at six students to ensure participation from as many different campuses as possible.  Applicants will be wait-listed beyond those capacities and notified if openings occur. Wait-listed students will have priority for participating in the following semester.

If you have any questions about our program, please email

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