In recent years, dire predictions of catastrophic consequences have fueled Louisiana's efforts to restore our failing coast. Comprising nearly 1/3 of our state's land area and home to 2/3 of Louisiana's residents, Louisiana's coastal zone has been battered by hurricanes and shaped to meet the demands of modern development. Since 1900, Louisiana has lost more than 1 million acres of wetlands and barrier shoreline as a result of natural processes and human activity. Louisiana's coastal wetlands stand on the verge of collapse. In the past 50 years, more than 1500 square miles of coastal Louisiana have been lost. Without immediate and decisive action, Louisiana stands to lose an additional 1000 square miles of land, an area the size of Rhode Island, by the year 2050. This land is not only an important habitat for fish and wildlife, it provides and indispensable storm buffer for communities, transportation routes and energy infrastructure.



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