About CRCL

Louisiana is a magical place. Our communities are vibrant. Our fisheries are world-class. Our culture is rich. The people who live here are passionate about the Pelican State. But for decades, our coast has been washing away.

Fortunately, we have solutions. The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana is training the next generation of coastal leaders. We hosted the biggest State of the Coast conference yet in 2023. And we are undertaking restoration projects across our coast to ensure a brighter future for all Louisianians. CRCL envisions vibrant wetlands, with hurricane protection, bountiful ecosystems, and economic opportunities across Louisiana’s coast.

CRCL supports the progress our state has seen on solving coastal land loss in recent years, especially through the science-based State Coastal Master Plan. But an even bolder response is required. We urgently need large-scale land building, including sediment diversions that will replicate the natural process that built south Louisiana. The most important actions to be taken to advance projects are under the control of the state and federal governments. All the work we do must drive action to implement this work. To this end, we must build support for restoration among stakeholders, and we must build the funds and capacity of CRCL to increase our influence and sustain our efforts.

CRCL was Louisiana’s first statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to coastal restoration. CRCL was established in 1988 by a small group of visionaries who saw the importance of the land loss issue before it was widely recognized by the public. The group was comprised of a diverse set of interests including lawyers, scientists, anglers and members of the faith-based community. While CRCL has evolved over the years, growing from a small policy shop to a multifaceted organization with expertise in policy, science, outreach and on-the-ground restoration, the inclusive character of the organization has remained central.

CRCL brings together a diverse and nonpartisan set of interests through its Board of Directors, Coastal Advisory Council and partnerships. Through volunteers who plant marsh grasses and trees across our coast, membership, conferences and newsletters, CRCL connects with thousands of people each year. CRCL is a reasonable, credible and informed voice on issues of coastal restoration.

Our vision: Vibrant wetlands, with hurricane protection, bountiful ecosystems and economic opportunities across Louisiana’s coast.

CRCL was incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation in 1988 and has been certified as a tax-exempt charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service.