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Coastal Advisory Council

The CAC is a leadership group formed to involve experts in a variety of different fields in CRCL’s mission to unite people in action to achieve a thriving, sustainable Louisiana coast for all. These passionate and motivated advocates will help the state’s first nonprofit dedicated to coastal restoration as it pushes toward implementation of some of the most important projects in Louisiana history.

Ellen Ball
Robin A. Barnes
Angela Chalk
Lanor Curole
Jessica Dandridge
Mark Davis
Reggie Dupre
Al Duvernay
Tina Freeman
Troy Gilbert
Robert Gorman
Barbara Johnson
Albertine Kimble
Ryan Lambert
Walt Leger

Brett Long
Timothy Matte
Steve Mathies
David Muth
Brent McCrossen
Norma Jean Mattei
John Morello
Sandy Nguyen
Niki Pace
Denise Reed
Jennifer Sherrod-Blackwell
Robert Thomas
Jim Tripp
Darilyn Turner