Congrats to all our 2024 Coastal Stewardship Award Winners!……….Polly – You have worked so hard to keep our beautiful state in its best light, no matter what darkness has come. We are proud of your efforts!! God bless you!! Your friends, JoAnn Kurts and Jean Kurts Edwards……….Kenneth – Congratulations on receiving the 2024 Coastal Stewardship Award! Your commitment to the protection and restoration of our coastal areas is admirable, and you are an inspiration to us all. The planting of the more than 1 million native plants across coastal Louisiana is a truly impressive achievement that will leave a lasting legacy. We are so proud of you. Love, Suzette, Phillip, Elizabeth & Jonathan……….CONGRATULATIONS MISS POLLY! Your tireless labor of love is inspirational! May the fruits of your endeavors with the environment and the future life blood of Louisiana be continued long after we’re all gone and as cherished as you are among your friends and supporters. Well done, dear friend!- Michele Unitas……….Dear awardees, As a concerned, self-proclaimed, conservationist, sportsman, and, senior citizen of the great state of Louisiana and of the United States of America, I truly applaud your efforts in conserving and preserving the Louisiana Coastal Region for all of us. Many Thanks- Ronald R. Rauber……………..Darria, It’s about both the journey and the destination! You deserve every exciting and wonderful thing about this! You’re a true inspiration and we couldn’t be happier for you.  Love Mom & Dad……..To all of our 2024 honorees –  Congratulations for your recognition tonight and your steadfast determination to work on addressing our Coastal Land Loss Crisis. This effort is not easy and often times exhausting but truly rewarding. I’m honored to be here tonight with each of you. – Polly 

Honoring the heroes who are

helping our coastal communities

On May 9th, CRCL hosted a Coastal Stewards celebration—an evening filled with joy, delicious food, and camaraderie.

Louisiana had grappled with decades of coastal land loss, but things were changing. There had been an unprecedented level of activity in coastal restoration, with some of the most significant large-scale projects in history on the verge of beginning construction.

Getting to that point hadn’t been easy, but in the 35 years since CRCL was founded, the momentum had shifted from raising awareness to implementing solutions.

Throughout the battle to save Louisiana’s coast, countless heroes had emerged—elected officials, organizational leaders, scientists, community organizers, volunteers, and more.

The awards, which included recognition for volunteers, students, lifetime achievement, and other coastal stewards, were among the most prestigious given to the people and organizations dedicated to addressing the land loss crisis.

Steve Cochran – Lifetime Achievement

Justin Ehrenwerth (posthumous)

2023 Coastal Master Plan Team – Sue Hawes Award

Blaise Pezold

Jacqueline Richard

Kenneth Bahlinger – LA Coastal Vegetative Planting Program

Polly Glover

Mike Phelan – Friend of CRCL

Tom Schrilla – Volunteer of the Year

Darria Leggett – Emerging Steward