Native Seed Drive

CRCL needs your cypress seeds

In 2022, CRCL began growing bald cypress and mangroves at our Restoration Headquarters. Now, we need your seeds! We are collecting and planting native, locally grown cypress seeds. Seeds can be collected from a tree in your yard, on the side of the road, or from parking lots. The more seeds we collect the larger our native plant nursery can grow, and the more trees we can plant across the coast. We are currently accepting bald cypress (Taxodium distichum) seed donations!

Step 1

Collect cypress seeds

Collect your cypress seeds and label the bag or box with the species name, date and location where they were collected, your name and email.

Step 2

Transport seeds to CRCL

Collection locations and hours are listed below.

Step 3

Propagate seedlings

Volunteer at one of our nursery planting events to propagate and transplant seedlings.

Step 4

restore the coast

Volunteer at one of our tree planting events to restore coastal wetlands.

Seed Collection Locations and Hours

CRCL Restoration Headquarters

6207 E St Bernard Hwy.

Violet, LA 70092

(in the minifridge by the gate)


Mail them to CRCL’s New Orleans Office

The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana- Native Plants Program

3801 Canal St. Suite 400

New Orleans, LA 70119

If you have additional questions about participating in the seed drive contact us!