CRCL BOard Alumni

The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana was founded 35 years ago by a small group of visionaries who realized our coast could be saved. Our small but mighty nonprofit started as a policy shop, helping to sound the alarm and calling for urgent action to solve our crisis. We have evolved steadily since then, and now we are considered one of the most effective and trusted environmental groups in our state. We are proud to have played a major role in the bold, decisive plan of action that is shaping the future of south Louisiana.  

Our work has been propelled by thousands of volunteers and supporters. Our path has been guided by a distinguished group of leaders on our Board of Directors. Some of them dedicated their whole careers to saving Louisiana’s coast. Others are no longer with us. All of them helped us attain the successful implementation of restoration projects that are saving our coast.   

*denotes founding board member 

Matt Amoss 

Robert Amoss 

Shawn Anglim 

Joseph Authement 

Margaret Baldwin* 

Kay Barnett 

John Barras 

Bill Barrios 

Ron Bartels 

Clara Baudoin* 

Linda Baynham 

Marshall Belaga 

Vernon Berhorst 

Jane Black* 

Curtis Barnette* 

Matt Butler 

Cornelia Carrier* 

Kirk Cheramie 

Pierre Conner 

Paul Coreil 

F. Courtney 

Woody Crews 

Cullen Curole 

Windell Curole 

Melissa Daigle 

Mary Darby 

Brenda Dardar 

Paul Davidson* 

Donald Davis* 

Mark Davis  

John Day* 

Karolien Debusschere  

Peter DeFur 

Bob Dewey 

Larry Dietz 

Minor Domangue* 

John Driscoll 

Carlton Dufrechou 

Wylma Dusenbery* 

Alexis Duval 

Berwick Duval 

Lynne Edgerton 

James Edmonson* 

Judge W.P. Edwards 

Yarrow Etheredge 

Grady Faucheaux 

Wynecta Fisher 

Sharon Flanagan 

Robert Ford 

Tina Freeman 

Ronald French 

Robert Fritchey 

Edna Galtney 

Gary Gaston* 

Peter Gerica 

Pat Ginn 

Gay Gomez 

Teri Goodmann 

Robert Gorman* 

Charles Groat 

Rodney Guilbeaux* 

Walter Gundlach 

Susan Hamilton 

Una Hargrave 

Sharon Harrington 

Sue Hawes 

Clifton Hebert 

Bill Herke 

Swindell Hodges* 

Sam Holder 

Doug Inkley 

Robert Jones* 

Susan Kaderka 

Robin Keegan 

Ed Kelly 

Paul Kemp* 

Barry Kohl* 

Alan Lacoste 

Paul Lancon 

Randy Lanctot* 

Chandler Landrum 

Donald Landry* 

Shirley Laska 

Huey Lawson 

Buddy Leach   

Roy Lebouf 

Yvonne Lee 

Walter Leger 

Stephen Lemann* 

Don Lirette 

Bryan Lloyd 

JoAnn Lloyd 

Monte Lloyd 

C.C. Lockwood* 

John Lopez 

Brue Macmurdo 

Marvin Marmande Jr.* 

Steve Mathies 

Erik Mayo 

Holly Midkiff 

Michael Mielke* 

King Milling 

Susan Mintz 

James Moore 

Ashley Mullens 

Peter Mutty 

Bill Nevett 

Ed Osann* 

David Osborn 

Michael Osborne* 

Sallee Palovich* 

Stuart Phillips 

Tyron Picard 

Kay Radlauer* 

Janet Rhodus 

David Richard 

Susan Rieff 

Jerome Ringo 

Randy Roach 

Dean Roome* 

Sherrill Sagrera 

Steve Saucier 

Joseph Scalia 

Harold Schoeffler* 

Sarah Schoeffler* 

Deborah Schultz 

Julia Sims 

James Stovall* 

Bill Streever 

Eric Tanzberger 

Ben Taylor 

Paul Templet 

Edwin Theriot 

Robert Thomas* 

John Toups 

James Tripp* 

John Trowbridge 

Robert Twilley 

Edgar F. Veillon 

Kirby Verret 

Robert Virguerie 

Mike Voisin 

Eloise Wall 

Joel Waltzer 

Jean Westbrook 

Laura Westbrook 

Jack Wheeler 

Allison White 

Jerald White 

Bill Wilson 

Dennis Wise 

Graham Wisner 

Robert Wiygul 

Maura Wood 

Janet Woolman 

Carolyn Woosley   

Jerome Zeringue 

Ning Zhang