Spring 2023

Beginning Spring 2024, an introductory session will celebrate the kickoff of the semester’s learning experiences. From there, participants will complete a series of activities of their choosing, averaging one per month, culminating with a graduation ceremony in June. The activities to choose from include volunteer restoration events, career and leadership development, and conference-setting education and networking opportunities. The meetings are hybrid with the option to join virtually or in-person in our office in Mid-City New Orleans.

Spring semester applications are open now.


We encourage contributions from private schools, programs that have resources to cover field trip activities, troop leaders who can provide transportation or other assistance that can help offset expenses and allow more participants to join. Foundations, businesses, philanthropists and other entities that can help support this program by way of sponsorships are strongly encouraged to invest in our youth. Please see our sponsorship guide.  

Get to know us 

CRCL staffers bring a variety of knowledge and experiences to our work to help save the coast. We represent many different types of jobs needed to make change by working toward a better future for our coast, its communities and all individuals who live, work and play here. We have partners in these efforts who also recognize the importance of fostering Future Coastal Leaders to help in this fight!