The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana is a non-profit organization whose mission is to drive bold, science-based action to rebuild Coastal Louisiana through outreach, restoration and advocacy.

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A View of Restoration from the Barataria Basin

What IS Coastal Restoration anyway? CRCL has produced a video to help explain it to you. A View of Restoration from the Barataria Basin, gives you a high level description of the issue, the impacts and causes of coastal land loss, and an in-depth view of all the different restoration projects occurring in the Barataria Basin. It’s informative and beautiful all at the same time. After watching A View of Restoration from the Barataria Basin, you will have a better sense of how coastal restoration projects all work together to help restore our coast.


19 Top Priorities for Restoring the Louisiana Coast



The Restore the Mississippi River Delta Coalition (Coalition) has identified 19 priority projects in the Mississippi River Delta that, if underway in the next five years, can signal the beginning of an era of stewardship and healthy recovery for not just the delta, but for the entire Gulf Coast.

The 19 near-term, priority Louisiana projects will begin restoration of Louisiana’s ecosystem and best meet goals outlined in the RESTORE Act, the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council’s Initial Comprehensive Plan, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s requirements and the goals of the Natural Resource Damage Assessment. We concentrate here on the Louisiana coast, while acknowledging the need and appropriateness of projects in other Gulf states that benefit the region as a whole.

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