Meet Sofia Giordano

Coastal Adventures Coordinator

Why did you decide to go into this field? 

My family moved to New Orleans from New York the year before Katrina, when I was 5 years old. Being exposed to this major event at such a young age gave me an understanding for the importance of Louisiana’s wetlands. At this young age, I was shocked that everyone had to leave their homes for months. My family ended up living in Arizona for a few months, and everyone we came across treated us like celebrities. This event was just the beginning of my journey into this field, but it was certainly the catalyst. In high school I started participating in competitive sailing – giving me the awareness of the importance of clean water. Then, I went onto college and found an awesome study abroad program called SEA Semester. Through this program, I spent a month on a tall ship sailing from Tahiti to Hawaii while continuously collecting data. This program exposed me to the plastic pollution crisis, which ultimately turned into an undergraduate thesis. All of these things gave me the drive to go into this field.

Why did you start working for CRCL? 

I started working at CRCL as an AmeriCorps member right out of college. I had just completed my undergraduate thesis on microplastics in the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico when I came across the job posting for Oyster Shell Recycling Technician at CRCL. I saw this and thought it was a great way to blend together all the experience I had, while making an impact on my community. I was incredibly lucky to receive the position and completed 2 service terms with CRCL through Serve Louisiana before being hired on as the Coastal Adventures Coordinator. And I have loved every minute of it!

What is your favorite part of the job?

My favorite part of the job is of course the volunteer events! I love being out in the field getting dirty and feeling connected to our wetlands, as it is an environment that many New Orleanians never get to fully experience. But I also enjoy interacting with our amazing volunteers. I enjoy connecting with our them, making them feel appreciated for the hard work they do, and learning why they have chosen to volunteer in their free time. I also enjoy all of the amazing people at CRCL that I get to work with every day.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Sailing and pottery!

What is your favorite seafood to eat?

I’m allergic! 🙁